Learn These Lessons from the 50-Year Career of an Investing Grand Master

Anyone interested in financial markets loves to get inside the heads of the world???s best investors.

Thus, there is the long-standing popularity of books like Jack Schwager???s ???Market Wizards??? series, which first was published in 1989. Consisting of interviews chock full of investment advice from the likes of George Soros to Jim Rogers to Paul Tudor Jones, ???Market Wizards??? offered an insight into the life, minds and thinking of the world???s top traders.

I have had the good fortune to meet and interact with a handful of these top investors over the years. None was more intriguing than a soft-spoken investor who U.S. investors have never heard of.

At the time of his death in 2008, Nils Taube was widely considered the doyen of London fund managers.

I met Taube when he reluctantly accepted an invitation to speak in November 2006 at the London Junto — a meeting of leading investment minds that I founded and ran in London. Taube was so shy that he asked me to stay next to him on the dais while he spoke.

With a 50-year career behind him, the reticent Taube boasted one of the longest financial memories in the world. He also had an investment track record that was likely unmatched in the world of global investing.

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