Explaining the Blockchain and Bitcoin Mania

I bet you’ve seen a lot in the financial press lately about “blockchain,” “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrencies.”

If you’re like most investors, chances are you have little idea what these concepts mean. Don’t feel bad.

Even the words themselves are new. The Microsoft Word program on which I am writing this does not even include them in the spellcheck function.

Recently, I decided to educate myself on the blockchain and bitcoin phenomena.

So last week, I attended the Harvard Business School Angels of London event titled: “Understanding the Opportunity of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.”

It was one heavy-hitting panel.

The group’s moderator was Nicolas Cary, the co-founder and president of Blockchain ( Even Cary said it was the most impressive collection of experts on blockchain assembled in one place he had ever seen.

Panelists included the chairman of bitcoin exchange-traded funds (; the CEO of the leading online platform for transactions in digital currencies (; a blockchain-based infrastructure provider for global payments (; the chief executive officer of a new Swiss cyberbank ( and the CEO of a blockchain-focused investment fund.

The panelists represented different aspects of the blockchain space. Yet they all agreed that blockchain technology would change the world even more than the internet did.

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