Assessing the Toronto MoneyShow and the New Gold Rush

I just returned from speaking at the Toronto MoneyShow and was very impressed with how the private and public sectors work together to make the largest city in Canada a real showcase of success — especially the downtown area.

There not only are lots of great restaurants, hotels, museums and office buildings, but also well-kept parks, roads devoid of potholes and excellent public transportation, including upscale subways and a train in downtown Union Square that goes directly to the Toronto international airport every 20 minutes (I paid a $6 senior rate). Toronto even has an underground mall.

In fact, Toronto recently was ranked as the world’s most livable city, albeit expensive and freezing cold during the winter. Contrast that to New York City, which seems to make no improvement in its transportation system, no matter who is mayor. Every street has potholes galore, and there still is no direct train between LaGuardia airport and Grand Central Station.

New York Mayor de Blasio, who is up for reelection, could learn a lot by visiting Toronto. I’m always amazed that any mayor of New York gets re-elected, because no matter who is mayor, Republican or Democrat, the roads and transportation system get worse. There are huge potholes on practically every road.

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