Birthday Bull Market Musings  

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously wrote, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” I’ve always lived by those words, and I think it’s important for us to always be pushing our boundaries. This is true physically, mentally and even emotionally.

I think this is especially true during times when personal reflection just comes more naturally than at other times, as in important anniversary dates… and especially birthdays.

Just yesterday, I turned the page on another year on this beautiful planet. So, I got to thinking deeply about ways I could push the limits a bit more in a variety of ways.

For you, the Weekly ETF Report reader, that means I plan to push the boundaries by adding even more personal, even more in-depth and even more interesting content to this publication.

Hey, it’s my view that no matter how good things currently are, I always can try to make them better. And, that’s my promise to you going forward. I not only value your time, I value your trust. Anything that can help foster that trust and make our bond stronger, that’s what I will do.

This week, I have a special content feature for you from my friend and uber-smart market analyst Tom Essaye of the Sevens Report.

To read more of Tom Essaye’s report, please click here.