This Fund Could Aid the Health of More than a Portfolio

The PureFunds ETFx HealthTech ETF (Nasdaq: IMED) stands at an interesting crossroads between the field of medicine itself and the technology used to advance medical knowledge and treatment in new and exciting ways.

This intersection between medicine and technology has been dubbed “HealthTech.” Medicine continuously is driven forward by the application of new technology and data solutions to devices and procedures. “HealthTech” has made things like 3D-printed prosthetics, robot-assisted surgery and telemedicine popular buzzwords in the medical field.

One advantage that HealthTech has over other, more stagnant areas of the market and the medical field is its growth prospects. Obamacare initiatives and biotech, the drug manufacturing arm of the medical field, face an uncertain future under President Trump’s proposed policies, but there is always going to be demand for better and more advanced technology to keep the medical field on the cutting edge. According to Fortune, venture funding into HealthTech jumped 200% over five years (2010-2014) and the industry was valued at $72 trillion in 2015 in the United States alone.

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