Your First Half ETF Scoreboard

Ladies and gentlemen, halftime is over. I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July respite, because now it’s time to get back on the field and start playing the second half of 2017 in the markets.

Before we attempt to determine where this market is going for the rest of the year, it’s probably a good idea to look back and see where we’ve been.

That’s certainly the philosophy of one of my favorite Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, who once famously said, “I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.” I agree with this, both when it comes to life at large… and when it comes to markets.

With that notion in mind, we need to ask ourselves where the big winners were in the first half, and also where the big losers were. Doing so will allow us to take the pulse of this current market… and that’s the first step to determining where this market is likely headed going forward.

A recent piece at MarketWatch, “The 10 best-performing ETFs so far in 2017 — and the 10 biggest losers,” made my research efforts relatively easy, as the piece provided that first-half exchange-traded fund (ETF) scorecard for us.

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