3D-Printing Exchange-Traded Fund Rises

ARK 3D Printing (PRNT) is a unique exchange-traded fund (ETF) that focuses on the advent of one of the biggest technological advancements of our time.

3D printing refers to the process of creating a three-dimensional objects. Theoretically, almost anything can be “printed,” ranging from a slice of pizza to electric cars.

PRNT is the first ETF to track an index composed of stocks that are directly involved in 3D printing and 3D-printing-related businesses. Those businesses include printing software, hardware, printing centers and scanners. The fund is roughly two-thirds invested in U.S. equities and one-third in overseas markets (mostly Europe), but could expand its holdings to several Taiwanese technology companies.

Drawing strength from the inherent push for technological advancement around the world, managers of PRNT are expecting 3D printing to revolutionize manufacturing. As the technologic basis for 3D printing gradually enters a more mature phase, some analysts estimate that 3D printing soon will appeal to a wider audience, which would be excellent news for PRNT.

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