United Airlines Linked Dramatically with Police Brutality

I???m sure by now most of you have watched the video of a doctor being dragged off an ???overbooked??? United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) flight in Chicago by police.

It reminded me of the scene in the 1980 comedy movie ???Airplane!??? in which virtually everyone lines up during the flight to slap a passenger. Except that this April 9 incident on United was no comedy.

It turns out that the flight wasn???t even overbooked. They removed four passengers because four United flight attendants needed to get on board to travel for work assignments the next morning.

But the medical doctor also needed to work the next morning, he explained before he was dragged off the plane. Instead of allowing the physician to remain and treating him with respect, he was booted off the flight by force.

Ever since 9/11 in 2001, the airlines have become overbearing in their attitude toward customers.

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