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Investment expert Mark Skousen shares how he made the Forbes Billionaire Issue.


How I Made the Forbes Billionaire Issue!

Investment expert Mark Skousen shares how he made the Forbes Billionaire Issue.

My picture is found on page 119 of the latest Forbes billionaire issue dated March 28, 2017. To find out the details, click on the link at the end of this article. Meanwhile???

First, I want to make a confession: I indeed may qualify to be in the top 1% of American income earners, but my net worth is modest by billionaire standards. I probably could be much wealthier if I stopped teaching and writing books, and devoted more time to business and money-making. But my interests are much broader than purely materialistic goals.

As Ben Franklin wrote near the end of his life: ???The years roll round and the last will come; when I would rather have it said, He lived usefully, than, he died rich.???

My goals are to have a good relationship with my wife and family, my friends and colleagues. I like to write about investments and attend conferences to help people become better investors. I like to teach college students about sound economics and influence them to make good decisions in their lives. I believe in charitable work. And last but not least, I want to devote time and effort to keep my country free and to make a contribution to the freedom movement.

I believe that money opesn the doors to many opportunities, and gives me the free time to accomplish my non-material goals. We have a fascination with the 2,043 billionaires on this Earth, as recorded in the latest issue of Forbes. I???ve personally met with a dozen or more billionaires, including Bill Gates (see my photo with him below), Warren Buffett and Charles Koch.

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Mark Skousen is a college professor, prolific author and world-renowned speaker. He???s made his unique sense of market and investment trends known and respected in the financial world. With a Ph.D. in economics and a focus on the principles of free-market capitalism and ???Austrian??? economics, Mark Skousen has often gone contrary to the crowd in his investment choices and economic predictions ??? and has often been proved right.