Why ???Trump Hate??? Is Bullish For the U.S. Economy

Eight years ago, I compared the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president to the political equivalent of the dot-com boom. An unprecedented mania swept into office an untested 47-year-old neophyte, whose mere presence in the White House would bring peace and prosperity to the planet.

The contrast with today could not be greater. The impending Trump presidency is giving the media, academia and Hollywood an apoplectic fit.

Attendees at American Economics Association???s annual meeting this week uniformly condemned Trump???s economic policies. Hollywood stars are using awards ceremonies to denounce Trump.

Hate for Trump is even making for some odd ideological bedfellows. It is hard to say who despises Trump more — the conservative columnist George Will or the left wing liberal economist Paul Krugman.

No matter what Donald Trump says or does, it is dismissed as the ramblings of a racist, anti-democratic lunatic. The same also applies to anyone who does not board the anti-Trump bandwagon.

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