Give the Gift of Financial Preparedness in 2017

It is the holiday season, and I hope your celebration is replete with the joy of giving and receiving gifts to and from friends and family. Now, I???m big on giving gifts that keep on giving, meaning that I like giving and receiving gifts of knowledge.

This year, I have a few holiday presents that you can give yourself and your loved ones that you may not have thought about, but are sure to serve you well in the year ahead.

The gifts I???m talking about today are the gifts of financial preparedness in 2017.

The way I see it, there are several presents you can give yourself right now that can help you become financially prepared for the year ahead. These presents are the best kind because they A) don???t cost you any money, and B) they each represent tools in your investment arsenal that you can use for years and years.

Here are three great holiday presents you can give yourself right now.

1) Cultivate a positive and winning attitude.

By far the biggest present you can give yourself, your friends and your family this year is to approach all aspects of your life with a positive attitude.

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