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Several expert analysts from Eagle Financial Publciations give their opinion how to profit from the market's surprising reaction to a Trump presidency.


Where to Invest After Trump Wins the Election

Several expert analysts from Eagle Financial Publciations give their opinion how to profit from the market’s surprising reaction to a Trump presidency.

Sectors ripe for investors to harvest for profits after real estate mogul and reality television show host Donald Trump became president-elect in the United States include infrastructure, financial, defense, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology stocks.

Fears that a Trump victory would push the markets downward proved unfounded, as investors sent the U.S. markets rising for two straight days after the election. One of the priorities that Trump has vowed to support once he takes office in January is to lead the rebuilding of America??s infrastructure, which includes crumbling roads and deteriorating bridges.

Despite an initial plunge of 800 points in Dow Jones futures trading the night after polls closed following the Nov. 8 election, the markets began rising the next morning with the prospect he and a Republican-led Congress would adopt fiscal stimulus, tax cuts and reduced regulations.

??The pure heart of capitalism took over and stocks traded higher out of the gate,? said Bryan Perry, editor of the Cash Machine investment newsletter. ??Money has a way of cutting through the chase and moving quickly where it will be best served.?

Perry, who focuses on income-oriented investments, is championing the outlook for shares of ??infrastructure, banking and big pharma and biotech stocks.?

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