Elections, Possible Rate Hike Keep Uncertainty in Markets

This week, stocks largely bounced around their current trading range, as investors appear to be biding their time in front of the upcoming presidential election.

The madness that is the 2016 battle is nearly over, and not soon enough for most of us. While the unusually caustic banter can, at times, be morbidly interesting to watch, it???s not exactly the most uplifting thing out there. And as a colleague of mine wrote recently, it seems like Americans largely feel like they need to take a shower after watching the presidential debates.

As of this writing, the consensus in the polls is that Hillary Clinton will be the next president. That???s also what the betting markets are saying, as Mrs. Clinton holds about an 80% chance of victory based on betting odds.

And while I think the polls, and particularly the betting markets, tend to be pretty accurate, there is no denying that this election has the potential for a ???Brexit-like??? outcome.

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