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Large, Liquid High-Dividend-Seeking Fund

Investment expert Doug Fabian introduces this large, liquid high-dividend-seeking fund that is globally diversified and carries a high current yield.

We conclude our series on international income-driven dividend exchange traded funds (ETFs) with SPDR S&P International Dividend ETF (DWX). This fund has a very different portfolio makeup from the other funds we have covered so far, due to its approach in weighing securities by dividend yield rather than by market cap. The approach is bearing fruit for DWX with its 5.2% current yield, a quite high yield for international equity funds.

DWX is a large fund with $998 million in total assets, a quarter of which is invested in Australia and another quarter in the United Kingdom and Canada. Furthermore, DWX also has considerable holdings in other countries including Hong Kong, South Africa, France and China, exposing it to certain currency risks but causing less exposure to region-specific risks.

Recently, the fund has experienced a minor drop, being down 0.14% over the past month. However, in the graph below it is clear the fund has had a strong overall performance for the year — up 9.47% year to date, handily beating out the S&P 500???s 5.66%. The fund has an expense ratio of 0.45%.


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DWX generally corresponds to the total return performance of an index that includes 100 exchange-listed common stocks from around the world that offer the highest dividend yields. DWX???s top five holdings are Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG.TO), 4.38%; Sands China Ltd. (B5B23W), 3.10%; Woodside Petroleum Ltd (697972.AX), 3.00%; Rio Tinto plc (071887.LS), 2.91%; and Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL.TO), 2.74%.

Most of DWX???s holdings are highly liquid, meaning they can be quickly traded on the market if the need arises. This reduces the overall risk of the fund. If you seek a fund that is striving to provide you with the highest possible dividend yield from around the world and offers relatively low risk, consider looking into SPDR S&P International Dividend ETF (DWX) for a potential addition to your portfolio.

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