Does Free College Education have a Place in America?

???In a highly competitive global economy, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. It???s time we made college tuition free at public colleges and universities.???

??? Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders??? policy recommendation sounds so inviting, to make college tuition free just like public high schools.

He also believes that such an action would create the ???best-educated workforce in the world.???

But would it?

Sanders is right that free college tuition has been done before ??? in California before the 1980s, and today in many parts of Europe.

But does free college tuition do the job? In its March 19, 2016 issue, the Economist magazine ran a story about higher education in Europe.

???A growing number of European students are opting to pay for their education,??? the article reported.

Why? Because for-pay, for-profit private colleges and universities do a better job in delivering a first-class education that pays when you get a job.

Studies show that students who pay for their college education chose their major sooner, get better grades and graduate sooner than students who receive free tuition.

When a valuable commodity, be it college education or advanced medical machines and devices, is free, consumers don???t appreciate its value, and often waste a valuable resource.

It is true that a top-notch college education is costly these days. But that???s the fault of the government, which overregulates and subsidizes education. The student loan debacle is clearly caused by excessive government intervention in education.


You Nailed It! 

To Wear a Tie or Not?

I see that President Obama went tie-less in an informal dinner with American officials in China last fall with the president of China.

It reminds me of the great libertarian philosopher Lin Yutang, who wrote a whole chapter on the ???inhuman??? nature of Western wear that is tight fitting, especially the collar and tie. He preferred loose-fitting Chinese dress, which also hid the body.

Here is a review of Lin???s book, ???The Importance of Living???:

Lin wrote his great book, ???The Importance of Living,??? in 1937, but now two generations later the Western suit has won the war in terms of business dress.

But now we are witnessing a bit of a pushback, with business attire becoming more and more casual and less formal. Many companies have ???Casual Friday??? where even accountants can work without a tie. Some companies have abandoned the suit and tie entirely at work. The tie is losing its power.

I still like wearing the tie, despite its restrictiveness. It???s practically the only way a man can be creative. I enjoy choosing from a variety of ties for various seasons ??? a Christmas tie during the holidays, a patriot tie around July 4, a romantic tie during Valentine???s Day, a colorful tie during Halloween, etc.

Long live the tie!


Upcoming Conferences


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Mark Skousen