Matt Schlapp’s Remarks on the Iran Deal

It is magnificent to see so many patriotic Americas out here today,
exercising our Constitutional rights!

The Constitution has survived more than 200 years, and after hearing
all of the speakers today, I know that, if we continue to work
together, our Constitution will survive the horrible neglect of the
past six years.

For years, Jenny Beth Martin and the Tea Party Patriots have been
organizing and helping concerned citizens like us make our voices
heard.  It wasn’t too long ago that Jenny Beth and grassroots
activists organized The Tea Party Revolution.  We organized, we
focused on making a difference, and now, more than ever, we must make
sure that we come together again to send a clear message to President
Obama.  How many of you remember what started the Tea Party

It was a result of overwhelming opposition to this President’s plan to
provide government run health care, and now, today, we come together,
in a way that history will remember, to oppose this
President’s—AGAIN—ignoring of our Constitution AND the collective will
and wisdom of the American People.

President Obama has once again gone around our Constitution with this
terrible deal that will turn Iran into a nuclear superpower.   AND
what’s more, is that there is a Constitutional mechanism intentionally
being ignored by the backers of this ridiculous giveaway of
generations of accumulated American strength.

Many Members of Congress mentioned this earlier, and I’ll mention it
again:  Congress MUST treat this bad deal as a “treaty,” requiring it
to be approved by 2/3 of the Senate.

During the Cold War, when President Reagan would travel around the
world, he ALWAYS used the occasion to speak directly to those people
who were ignored, forgotten, imprisoned, by the totalitarian regimes
that opposed our American values, like Natan Sharansky, who spent nine
years in a Soviet prison.  The victims of tyranny, were never far from
Reagan’s heart, and that instinctive desire to reach out to the
oppressed was reflected in his negotiations around the globe.  With
the goal of providing hope to the unjustly imprisoned, President
Reagan would always mention victims of tyranny by name.

By contrast, this President, in his eagerness to develop a personal
legacy—a legacy grounded in a desire to tell Americans like us what’s
good for us (remember clinging to our guns and religion?)—has not even
muttered the names of the Americans who sit in prison cells across
Iran, for no other reason than being American.

We will—in the spirit of Ronald Reagan—say their names, even of this
President refuses to do so.

Former United States Marine, Amir Hekmati.

Journalist Jason Rezaian.


Pastor Saeed Abedini, who appears to have done nothing other than
practiced his Christian faith.

Even if this President refuses to stand up for Human Rights, Religious
Rights, and our Constitutional Rights, thank goodness conservatives
like us can be counted on to remind our elected representatives on
Capitol Hill that we are willing and will do the difficult work to
fight for the values that make this nation the last best hope for
freedom on this planet.

Today we send a message that the ideals of freedom and liberty Thanks
to President Obama’s continued concessions to tyrants—whether it is
the Ayatollas in Iran, ISIS in Syria, or the Castro brothers in
Cuba—who make no secret of the fact that they seek to diminish the
positive global impact of America.