Conservative Review???s Big Announcement

When I first started writing for Human Events in 2008, I was untrained in how to write a weekly column. Termed ???President Reagan???s favorite conservative paper,??? Human Events has been a leading voice in the conservative movement since 1944. I was both nervous and excited when I saw my first column in print in a weekly newspaper I had read since my college days.

Earlier this year, I left Sen. Rand Paul???s (R-KY) office and resumed writing for Human Events. I am blessed to continue my writing with the Human Event???s platform today. As the conservative movement matures, there are new conservative platforms popping up every day to amplify and provide new perspectives on the issues of the day.

Conservative Review (CR) made an announcement that caught the eye of many in the movement. Yesterday, CR announced the addition of national renowned talk show host and best selling author, Mark Levin, as Editor-in-Chief. Providing Levin a prominent platform for his writing is a positive development for the conservative movement. Levin, nicknamed ???The Great One,??? is one of the most informative radio hosts in America with millions of listeners from coast to coast.

Levin has distinguished himself from other talking heads by taking a hardline stance against squishy Republicans who have lead the Republican Party into a political abyss. Levin can use CR to educate citizens about how to return the federal government to the ideas of restraint and first principles. He can also verbally knock some sense into Republican leaders who have lost their way.

Levin said of the expanding web site ???I have admired Conservative Review as a leading voice in the world of political thought and a crucial foil to the tired and timid ideas of the establishment.??? Tired and timid is not a word anybody would use to describe CR. They have a Congressional scorecard, the ???Liberty Score,??? that administers tough love to Republicans who have taken too many liberal votes.

In addition to the announcement of Levin, CR announced the hiring of Amanda Carpenter, former Communications Director for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Gray, former Legislative Director and budget expert for Sen. Rand Paul. Both Amanda and John are friends and they will load up the CR website with interesting perspectives from the eyes of two individuals who were high level staffers in the U.S. Senate merely a few months ago.

Also, CR announced the addition of two other rock stars of conservatism — Chris Jacobs, former health care policy specialist at The Heritage Foundation and Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent who almost won a House seat in a liberal leaning district in Maryland in the last election cycle. Dan and Chris are two excellent additions who are aggressive messengers for conservatism.

I am proud to say that in addition to posting at Human Events, I am posting content at CR. I am very excited to write alongside these long time friends of mine. I am also happy that I can be reunited with Daniel Horowitz who I wrote with over at Red State a few years ago. I consider Daniel to be one of the best writers in all of politics. I have never met an individual possessing his extraordinary combination of rhetorical skills and a convincing writing style that strikes fear into the hearts of moderates on both sides of the Capitol.

Yesterday, I had that same feeling from 2008 when I submitted my first column to Human Events. I felt excitement and a sense of being part of a team that is going to show Republicans that they can return to the Reagan tradition of small government conservatism.