Is Hillary Above the Law?

Hillary Clinton decided when she took the office of Secretary of State that she was above the law.

Hillary knew that she was supposed to use a secure government controlled server for email and other communications, but she believed that she was part of an elite class of people who are not subject to the same laws as average Americans.

The Clintons are the political equivalent of royalty and Bill proved that he was above the law.

The Daily Mail put together an excellent time line of events in this developing scandal. A Romanian hacker named ???Guccifer??? exposed screen shots of Clinton???s longtime confidant Sidney Blumenthal???s AOL email account in March of 2013 that contained emails from the Secretary of State.

Since that date, evidence is mounting of a Clinton cover up.

According to the Daily Mail time line, in June of 2013, Hillary shifted control of email domain to IT contractor and sent her original server hardware to a data center facility in New Jersey where it was erased. Erasing, or wiping, the hard drive shows that Hillary did not want anybody to second-guessing the way she handled her email that likely contained, what most people would consider, classified information.

The Associated Press reported on June 30, 2015, ???senior Obama administration officials knew as early as 2009 that Hillary Rodham Clinton was using a private email address for her government correspondence.??? This implicates others like former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama confidant David Axelrod.

According to the AP ???the newly released emails show Clinton sent or received at least 12 messages in 2009 on her private email server that were later classified ???confidential??? by the U.S. government. Those emails were censored because officials said they contained activities relating to the intelligence community, or had discussed the production and dissemination of U.S. intelligence information. At least two dozen emails were also marked ???sensitive but unclassified??? at the time they were written, including a December 2009 message from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin about an explosion in Baghdad that killed 90.??? This is strong evidence that Hillary is lying about her emailing of sensitive information.

Hillary can claim that this information was not clearly marked as ???classified,??? yet it defies logic that her official emails about an explosion in Baghdad was anything but communication that should be shielded from our enemies. The purpose of classifying information is to prevent exactly the types of communications that were conducted by Hillary on a daily basis on her private home brew email server. Only a person who believes they are above the rules of everybody else would even consider a private email server for State Department correspondence.

Just look at the language Hillary has used to dodge questions about her official email.

Breitbart has a fact checking post where they break down the Clinton dodges. One is ???I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.??? Is she saying that it was not designated classified by her own State Department or is this some other dodge? Clinton???s wiggle room in her excuses is expanding as this scandal explodes.

The new parsing of words is that Hillary now argues that she did not email any material ???marked??? as classified ??? ???I never sent classified material on my email and I never received any that was marked classified.??? So, it is possible that Hillary received classified information on her personal email that did not have a stamp of classified on the document.

Yet, as CNS News reported, On July 24, Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough and State Department Inspector General Steve Linick issued a joint statement stating that four emails out of a limited sampling of 40???of the 30,000 that Clinton turned over to the State Department???included classified information.??? If these two Inspector Generals are to be believed, Hillary is lying.

Press conference yesterday, Hillary was beside herself and argued that she didn???t have to turn over any personal emails, even though nobody asked her to turn over her private correspondence. She made believe that she didn???t know what ???wiping??? a computer meant. He was obstinate and cranky when asked specific questions. Hillary acted like she had something to hide.

Hillary Clinton clearly believes she is above the law. I almost expect her to declare at her next presser the following:

???No more questions about my personal email server while I was Secretary of State. Do you know who I am? Do you think I am a liar? How dare you use that tone with me! Even asking that question is sexist. Why do you hate women? You are aware that this is an organized Republican attack to prevent me, the first woman President, from taking office. Now can we please talk about the Republican war on women????

I am starting to believe my friends who say that Hillary is not going to be the Democratic nominee for President this time around.

Brian Darling is a former staffer for Sen. Rand Paul. Follow him on Twitter @BrianHDarling