Steve Moore Talks about Unions, Money and How to Win the Presidency in 2016

“If we are going to win this war of ideas, 2016 is the most important election of this century.”
— Steve Moore, chief economist, Heritage Foundation

I spent time last weekend with Steve Moore, the Heritage Foundation’s chief economist and a writer for The Wall Street Journal. Steve told me the Dream Debate of the Century between Paul Krugman and him, scheduled at FreedomFest, July 8-11, has generated a huge amount of buzz. “Everywhere I speak, that’s all they ask about,” Moore said. Krugman is the #1 New York Times columnist and an advocate of big government.

Moore and Krugman never before have faced each other in a formal debate. I will serve as moderator and we will address each topic directly: austerity vs. stimulus… red state vs blue state… progressive vs flat tax… and hot issues like inequality, jobs, minimum wage, ObamaCare and the national debt.

This will be a debate like no other… and I urge you to sign up now and get a good seat. You also can register by calling 1-855-850-3733.

Steve thinks this debate will be like a preliminary bout in the 2016 presidential elections. “It’s going to be about economic growth vs. distribution of income,” Moore said. The Republicans are going to promote growth, while the Democrats are going to argue for fairer distribution of income.

He suggested that the Republicans need to take a page out of the Democrats’ winning formula. He said the Republicans need to adopt the slogan, “We Care!” He said that Romney lost the election in 2012 because 85% in the exit polls said that the Democrat (Obama) cared more about them personally than the Republican (Romney). “That has to change for us to win,” he said.

Steve said he recently convinced a group of voters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, not to unionize by telling them, “You don’t want to become like Detroit, do you?” It worked. They voted against the union.

John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, and co-ambassador of FreedomFest (along with Steve Forbes) has another great way to beat the unions: pay their workers (“team players”) more than what union workers get. As a result, there is no incentive to unionize, and Whole Foods Market remains a non-union grocery chain.

Nailed It! John Mackey Recognized as World Leader

We are honored that John Mackey, our co-ambassador to FreedomFest (along with Steve Forbes), has been identified in the latest Fortune magazine as one of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the World. These are not just business leaders, but leaders in government, philanthropy, sports and the arts. John was selected for creating two revolutions — the new food movement and his new brand of “conscious capitalism.”

Other admired leaders include: in business, Tim Cook (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Elon Musk (Tesla)… in sports, Yao Ming (China) and LeBron James… in government, John Roberts, Mitch Daniels, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping (not Obama or Putin!)… in religion, Pope Francis… and in entertainment, Taylor Swift(!).

Last year, we gave John Mackey the Leonard E. Read Book Award for his fine work, “Conscious Capitalism.” It is required reading in my “Libertarian CEOs” class.

We are honored to have John Mackey at this year’s FreedomFest, and he will be there all three days, speaking on advances in healthcare… a debate with billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel on “Monopoly vs. Competition”… and another debate on “Spirituality vs. Materialism.” John will also be one of the judges in the $50,000 American Dream Award. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet John Mackey in person at FreedomFest (along with Peter Thiel and Harris Rosen). Sign up here or call toll-free: 1-855-850-3733.

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