First France, then Belgium: America is next in ISIS’s trail of terror

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  • 09/21/2022

Washington, D.C.???One of the most powerful terrorist sects in history is threatening the United States in ways that are profound and unprecedented. According to terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck, ISIS is more than just a radicalized movement???and now it is rapidly approaching its final phase: to abolish and conquer America. This global threat has caught the White House by complete surprise, and President Obama has no solid plan to fight back.

In ISIS Exposed: Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam (Regnery Publishing; March 9, 2015; $29.99) Stakelbeck reveals how America???s most ferocious enemy is using brutal violence, fanatical ideology, and social media to change the course of world history. In just a few years of existence, ISIS has upended the geography of the Middle East and is quickly infiltrating the United States.

???To the average Westerner, all of it is unthinkable. The mass rapes, the slave markets, the crucifixions, beheadings and child soldiers,??? says Stakelbeck. ???Yet growing numbers of American citizens not only agree with these Islamic State ???values??????they wish to see them enforced on our home soil. If they can???t live inside the caliphate, they???ll do the next best thing. Bring the caliphate home.???

Investigative journalist Erick Stakelbeck provides a chilling firsthand glimpse of how the terrorist recruitment process works, the science of an ISIS attack, and how homegrown jihadists are laying the groundwork for a full-scale guerilla war here in the United States.

In ISIS Exposed, you???ll discover:

  • How a state that ranks among the nation???s top places to live has become the number one terrorist breeding ground in America.
  • Why ISIS now appeals to Western youth in ways that Osama bin Laden never did.
  • How ISIS incorporates a lethal mixture of  ruthless violence, battlefield prowess, fanatical ideology, and social-media savvy into a relentless pattern of success.
  • Why the United States needs to put troops on the ground in Iraq to truly cripple this fast-moving terror phenomenon.
  • How the horrifying contents of the ???ISIS Handbook??? outlines gruesome atrocities and forces children into terrorism training camps.
  • Why our southern border is a terror attack waiting to happen.


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