The week that was

???You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.???
– Winnie-the-Pooh

People who care about such things are suddenly caring a lot about Gov. Scott Walker. I guess they figure if he can win three times in four years that he can win a fourth time in two years. Four wins in six years is more experience campaigning than even your average community organizer has.

The Keystone Pipeline keeps getting blocked by the Obama administration, even though the State Department has given it the go-ahead many times. Turns out the president is a climate change denier, denying that Keystone won’t change the climate.

Brian ‘Lyin’ Williams has been found out for what he is: a card-carrying member of the MSM. Williams admitted to fabricating an incident that didn’t happen during his time covering the Iraq war. Any chance the NBC ship will sink with the removal of its anchor?

The Pentagon has announced that Vladimir Putin has “some form of autism.” Experts came to this conclusion by “watching videos of him,” which was the only way, since President Obama never meets with the Russian president. Nothing says “good foreign relations” like creepily analyzing videos of a foreign leader and then declaring that he has a developmental disorder.

Obama announced that he won’t pass a budget that doesn’t increase spending. For this, we will forever be indebted to him.

Former Olympian Bruce Jenn(d)er is reportedly turning himself into a woman. Maybe the Kardashians can also turn themselves into…thin air.

Teresa Mull is managing editor of Human Events.