U.S. foreign policy and the end of the 'United' States

The ???Perfect Storm??? brewing in the Middle East is not, and will not be limited to the Middle East.

Organized Islamic terrorism at its most brutal, fed by the Saud family that almost every Western leader just kowtowed to, is only a part of this storm cloud. This is the family that has spent $100 billion, taken from U.S.  and European tax payers, on the spread of Wahhabism.

Their oil was discovered by Americans. Wells were developed by Americans ??? all with American investment ??? and then were taken from the rightful owners by infamous Saud family greed. The massive atavistic greed and hedonism are, and remain, unrivaled in human history. This greed funds destruction of the West that fueled and finances it.

According to myriad political sources, President Obama and his administration have shoveled $10 million to Benjamin Netanyahu???s political opponents in the coming Israeli national elections in an attempt defeat Netanyahu???s Likud Party in March ??? in addition to sending strike teams of political ???advisors??? to aid the Left.  This is against both US and Israeli law, but the Netanyahu government is limited in what it can say because that would ???enflame??? the frayed relationship even more.  Worse for the U.S. administration is that this pathetic attempt is unlikely to succeed.

The 2009 Cairo speech attempted to install a Muslim Brotherhood, super-radical regime in Egypt. Egypt very nearly dissolved into chaos and bankruptcy as a result, only saved at the eleventh hour by the brilliant and brave El Sisi.

The U.S. ended its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, creating Mongol-like chaos throughout the region. In Libya, the U.S. ran an illegal gun-running operation to supply al Qaeda out of its embassy compound in Benghazi, until it backfired. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan have dissolved into chaos as a result of direct U.S. involvement. They tried to collapse Tunisia and Bahrain, as well, but fortunately failed in those attempts.

The president claimed, ???we???ve halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material??? ??? blatantly untrue, at every level. In fact, he and his administration have worked continuously to facilitate Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapon capability, as well as effective delivery tools.

President Obama admitted that the ???Iran talks,??? ridiculously designated ???negotiations to fool the unwary,??? have only a ???50-50 chance??? of succeeding. Even worse, in his State of the Union message, he made it clear that there is no plan, strategic or other, to deal with the only likely and indeed possible, outcome. His administration’s lack of any strategic plan fails at every level, but worst of all, it fails to acknowledge that the consequence of failed nuclear ???talks??? result in an Iranian regime with operational nuclear weapons, aimed and poised to pound the United States, Europe, and Israel.

The West???s inability, and worse, unwillingness, to recognize the enormity of the threats facing it puts the entire world in inestimable danger, greater danger than the world has seen for a thousand years. American inaction is the greatest danger.

The current American administration may turn out to be historically responsible for embroiling the world in a war more terrible than any ever seen before. It is indeed too awful to contemplate and it may result in a new Dark Ages from which the world will have to suffer for many decades or centuries. Should it come to that, Obama???s true legacy will be ???less??? than that of Chamberlain.

Every American needs must live in great fear of the coming year and a half, and even more, of the consequences of a follow-on election in 2016 that could spell the end of the United States (with at least an emphasis on the word ???united???).

Persia delenda est ??? Ceterum censeo Persia esse delendam?