The week that was

“Things go up and down. If you can survive the down, it will come back.”
– John Denver

This week was consumed with three days of terror as jihadists with no sense of humor went on a killing spree in the City of Love. France has a history of welcoming Muslim immigrants to its country. Perhaps now they’ll realize we won’t always have Paris.

The upside is that we get to see French police in their fun tactical gear, complete with portable bleacher seats strapped to their chests. Being truly tactical means expecting the unexpected. And the unlikely.

A new jobs report came out this week. It said unemployment is down. But also that a record number of people are not a part of the workforce. Maybe they consider “being unemployed” a full-time position? So long as it takes up at least 30 hours.

Apparently it’s now warmer on Mars than it has been recently in fourteen of the United States. Why did men ever leave there, I wonder?

Pope Francis is set to issue an encyclical condemning climate change. He’s said “an economic system centered on the god of money needs to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption that is inherent to it.” In other words, “Drill, baby, drill!”

Today is Kate Middleton (whatever her official title is now)’s 33rd birthday. God save the Duchess!