Convicted RINO resigns

Congressman Michael Grimm (NY11), infamous for being indicted on 20 counts of wire fraud and federal tax evasion and perjury, pleading guilty on a count of felony tax fraud and threatening to throw a reporter over a balcony, has announced that he would resign from office.  He was also one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress with a 2013 American Conservative Union rating of 27%.

A member of the so-called Republican Main Street Partnership, he voted for the recent ???Crominibus,??? a massive $1 Trillion spending bill as well as a move to give President Obama a blank check by suspending the National Debt Ceiling until March 15, 2015.

A special election will soon be held in New York???s 11th Congressional District.  This district is made up of Staten Island a little bit of Brooklyn.  Local party officials will choose the candidates.

The apparent frontrunner for the Republicans is Daniel Donovan, Staten Island???s district attorney.  If he is the nominee, he also should be able to get the New York Conservative Party nod.  (In the 2010 New York Attorney General Campaign, Donovan won the endorsement of the Conservative Party of New York.)  Donovan will be more conservative than Grimm.

The Democrats have several possible candidates but left-wing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is very unpopular here.  Grimm won reelection in November, even after the indictment, because he was successful in tying the Democrat candidate to de Blasio.  The new Republican nominee will be doing the same.

Ron Pearson has been a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill, a campaign manager, political consultant, and is Executive Director of Conservative Victory Fund

Trevor K. Smith, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Professor of Government and Research Director of Conservative Victory Fund.  Conservative Victory Fund is the nation???s oldest conservative political action committee.