Taliban kills over 120 kids

Quick, someone ask Senate Democrats if marching parents to the bullet-riddled husk of a school to collect the remains of over 120 children qualifies as “torture.”  Can we get an #illgotoschoolwithyou hashtag going, similar to the #illridewithyou hashtag that was meant to support Australian Muslims against a hypothetical future backlash from the Islamist hostage crisis that was still in progress when it was launched?  There’s nothing hypothetical about what Islamofascist savages do to women, school children, and anyone else who doesn’t submit to their doctrines.  Let’s get some brave Social Justice Warriors to dazzle us with their moral courage by signing up as body shields in the real, hot War on Women (and their children) being waged everywhere this curiously popular brand of not-Islam holds sway!

The butcher’s bill is still being tallied, but as of Tuesday morning, it was said that 123 of the 126 slain victims of a Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan were students.  The Express Tribune ran some harrowing accounts from survivors, beginning with a disclaimer that the piece might be “disturbing for some readers.”  That is appropriate.  Readers need to be disturbed by this.  All of human civilization needs to be disturbed by this, until it rises up and smashes these barbarians down for good.

???I was sitting in the corridor with 10 of my classmates when we heard firing. We immediately ran towards the classroom to hide there but the militants chased us down and found us. They were dressed in shalwar kameez and the only thing they told us is: ???read the kalma???,??? said Ali, remorsefully adding that he was the only one of his 10 friends that survived the attack.

Witnesses described how gunmen went from classroom to classroom, shooting children, after a huge blast shook the Army Public School, while some described police struggling to hold back distraught parents trying to break past a cordon and get to the school when three loud explosions went off.

Ninth grader Kashan, son of Zaheerudin, told our correspondent, ???We were sitting in the hall and a colonel was giving a lecture when we heard firing from the back.???

Kashan said, ???The sound of the firing kept moving closer when suddenly the door behind us was kicked down and two people started firing indiscriminately.???

The ninth-grader said chaos ensued and the last thing he remembers is children and people falling to the ground. Kashan escaped but with injuries on his feet.

Ahsan Mukhtar, a second-year intermediate student, said his teacher made the entire classroom crouch and move towards the end of the classroom as the firing started. ???After an hour, when the firing relatively calmed down, the army came and rescued us,??? Mukhtar added.

A grandmother told The Express Tribune how she was called by the school???s principal to pick up her grandchildren when the attack happened. ???The principal told us that 20 students had been injured and we should come get our children as soon as possible,??? she said.  ???I hung up before the principal could finish talking.???

A number of reports out of Pakistan suggest that people like the grandmother quoted above have grown so accustomed to Taliban violence that they didn’t realize they were dealing with such a hideous massacre until parents began arriving at the school to witness the carnage.  Six Taliban shooters wearing suicide vests had all the time they needed to slaughter unarmed children, because the Pakistani military evidently didn’t mount a rescue attempt until there was a “lull in the firing.”

Distraught parents thronged the Lady Reading Hospital, weeping uncontrollably as children???s bodies arrived, their school uniforms drenched in blood.

Irshadah Bibi, 40, whose 12-year-old son was among the dead, beat her face in grief, throwing herself against an ambulance.

???O God, why did you snatch away my son? What is the sin of my child and all these children???? she wept.

What was the “sin” of the aid workers kidnapped by ISIS and beheaded on video, after being forced to read statements of submission?  What was the sin of the staff and customers held hostage by an Islamist lunatic in Sydney, forced at gunpoint to stand in the window for hours holding up his fascist flag?  (Actually, his backup fascist flag, since he apparently couldn’t get his hands on the genuine ISIS merchandise he really wanted.)  What was the sin of the four Christian children beheaded by the Junior Varsity Team of Evil in Iraq last week, none of them yet 15 years of age, because they wouldn’t denounce Jesus and convert to Islam?  What was the sin of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria and sold into slavery?  What was the sin of the people, some of them children, mutilated and killed by the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston?  What was the sin of the young girls scooped up by the “grooming” rape gangs of Rotherham, as local authorities turned a blind eye for years on end?  What’s the sin of the Israeli civilians targeted by Palestinian terrorists, including tiny children run down with cars at train stations?  For that matter, what is the sin of the Palestinian civilians Hamas uses as human shields for its rocket launchers?

That’s a whole lot of people doing bloody work on “the wrong side of history,” as President Obama’s bloodless denunciations have it.  The world is swarming with “lone wolves,” and they often hunt in packs.  Maybe the media will describe these Taliban school shooters as “self-styled education reformers,” the way they’ve decided to unfailingly describe imported Australian terrorist Man Hanon Monis as a self-styled sheikh and self-styled cleric.  It’s funny how all these self-styled clerics misread the Koran in exactly the same way.

“They want to terrorize the population into submission,” said a retired Pakistani security official of the Taliban, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal.  Gee, ya think?  I wonder where they could have gotten such ideas about “submission?”  According to official Western political dogma, it’s a total mystery.  What events have these completely disconnected self-styled lone-wolf wrong-side-of-history types witnessed around the world that might lead them to think bloodshed by determined fanatics might push weak, neurotic civilizations into submission?

???No one should be in any doubt that our fight against terrorism will continue,??? Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said after arriving in Peshawar Tuesday. ???There will be no dent in our resolve as a result of incidents like this.???

The raid on the Peshawar school was so extreme that it drew condemnation even from some groups aligned with Islamist militancy.

???This was carried out by the enemies of Islam. It is open terrorism,??? said Hafiz Saeed, the leader of Jamaat ud Dawa, the group blamed by the international community for the 2008 attack on Mumbai that left 166 people dead. ???These are barbarians operating under the name of jihad.???

I’m sorry, Mr. Sharif, but the Taliban, and all the other lone wolves, have good reason to doubt your resolve, and that of every other enemy they face.  The spectacle of other blood-splattered barbarians deciding that the Taliban school massacre is a bit too much for their tender sensibilities is disgusting.  You don’t get to wade up to your neck in this pool of totalitarian evil, then try to steal a shred of civilized legitimacy by declaring the deep end of the pool is reserved for demons.  You don’t get to support and enable the leading edge of this fascist avalanche and then act surprised when you end up buried under adolescent corpses.  Legitimacy is what terrorists crave.  They get it when the degenerate political class of civilized nations insist on treating them like proper soldiers, afforded the protection of human-rights conventions they sneer at, granted all the considerations of legitimate uniformed forces captured in battle… or even the consideration that would be granted to imprisoned criminal citizens of the nations they wage merciless illegitimate war against.

The Wall Street Journal mentions that the Peshawar attack “is thought to be the bloodiest assault on a school since the 2004 Beslan school siege in Russia, which left nearly 400 dead.”  Who was behind that school massacre, again?  Did they have anything in common with the monsters who just murdered 123 children in Pakistan for the sin of learning?

Update: One of the adult victims of the attack was a teacher who was reportedly doused with gasoline by the Taliban thugs and set ablaze in front of students.