Gruber in the House

Since the Senate Democrats’ report on decade-old CIA interrogations of terrorists has sucked up every molecule of media oxygen (funny how that worked out!) you might not see much about ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee today.  To sum it up, he’s sorry he called the American people stupid, but he doesn’t remember much of anything else, and Democrats are pretending they’re not entirely sure who he is.

Before he started claiming to have amnesia about everything, Gruber’s testimony could be summed up by the old chestnut, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”  He’s on video boasting about how the lack of transparency was indispensable for getting ObamaCare passed, but now he thinks it wasn’t processed in a “non-transparent fashion.”  He was just being “glib and thoughtless” in all those damning videos – covering multiple appearances over a span of months – in which he sounds quite calculating and pleased with himself.  He’s been passing himself off as the leading expert on ObamaCare for years, and has been repeatedly hailed by prominent Democrats as such, but now he wants to “apologize for conjecturing with a tone of expertise and for doing so in such a disparaging fashin.”  See, he was only pretending to be a leading authority on statist health care “reforms” who helped write the Affordable Care Act.  Doesn’t that mean the government agencies that paid him millions of dollars for his expertise should begin suing him for fraud, to recover the taxpayers’ money?

It is by no means worth the billions poured into ObamaCare, but at least there is some enjoyment to be had in watching Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) demolish Gruber, reducing the Six Million Dollar Man to a pile of quivering jell-o who repeatedly stammered that he didn’t mean anything he ever said.

It was also fun to watch House Oversight chair Darrell Issa ask Gruber if he was stupid:

After portraying himself as a buffoon for a while to draw political heat away from his Democrat pals, Gruber began claiming an astonishing level of amnesia-inducing brain damage, when the talk turned to the White House’s use of deceptive rhetoric to conceal the taxes built into the Affordable Care Act.  This ties directly into Gruber’s videotaped boasts about teaching the Democrats how to deceive the Congressional Budget Office.  Asked point-blank if he worked with the Obama Administration to push this CBO fraud, Gruber suddenly began spouting “I can’t recall” more often than anyone since Hillary Clinton.  He can’t recall what he told the White House, he can’t recall how many people he projected would lose their insurance under ObamaCare, he can’t remember what work was commissioned in the government contract he’s received… His testimony should have concluded with a big dance number amid swirling clouds of subpoena-responsive documents shredded into confetti.

Speaking of documentation, Gruber brought forth his lawyers when asked for documentation pertaining to the work that earned him six million taxpayer dollars.  This did not go over well with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), or with Chairman Issa, who said Gruber was basically daring House Oversight to subpoena those records.

All in all, it was a classic slice of the dishonest, arrogant, inept Obama era.  It’s a hall of mirrors where yesterday’s bursts of honesty before friendly audiences become today’s lies, according to people who claim they are now prepared to be completely candid, until such time as they feel it necessary to resume deception.  Gruber went through that whole cycle in a matter of hours, so now it’ll take subpoenas to get paperwork from the guy who began these hearings by claiming it was time to bare his soul and throw himself on the mercy of the American people.

Meanwhile, the ObamaCare taxes keep morphing into “penalties” and back into taxes again, depending on who’s asking; the CBO cost estimates keep getting revised upwards; Obama’s promises ring increasingly hollow; and the federal exchange will keep doling out subsidies the Affordable Car Act clearly states are illegal.  The one constant, from 2009 through today, is that the creators of ObamaCare understand the importance of keeping the American people from knowing what they really have planned.


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