Welcome to ETF University

I am proud to tell you about a new website my team and I created called ETF University ( We created this website for one primary reason, and that is to help investors learn more about the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

As you may know, I have been a passionate advocate of ETFs for many years. That advocacy has been expressed extensively in my various publications. I???ve also discussed the copious virtues of ETFs on my radio show and my weekly podcast.

Yet early this year, I realized that while I had been writing and speaking about the benefits of ETFs for some time, there still were many questions out there about ETFs, such as how they work; how you buy them; what are the advantages and disadvantages of using ETFs, etc. I also realized that there wasn???t really a single, trusted source that investors had that would answer these questions, at least not a source that would answer these questions the way I think they should be answered.

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