Video: The Hickenlooper Blues

This song and video “The Hickenlooper Blues” premiered on the Armed American Radio show, hosted by Mark Walters. The song accurately tells the narrative of how Democratic Colorado Gov. John W. Hickenloopper twisted and weaved his way to restricting gun rights through extreme legislation supported by former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg–then, backpedaled as if he had no idea what he had done.

The song was written by Dave Simpson, Cyd Lantz and David Codrea.

Codrea wrote about the song and the video at his website “The War on Guns:”

With outside moneyed interests like Michael Bloomberg???s deceptively-named ???Everytown??? doing everything they can to protect their political interests from gun voter retaliation at the polls, particularly after the ouster of two anti-gun politicians and the resignation of another to avoid being recalled, a convenient and fun tool now exists to help roll back the Astroturf. ???Hickenlooper Blues??? produced by grassroots activists at no cost and without authorization or participation by any candidate or political committee, throws radical Saul Alinsky???s ???Rule 5??? ridicule right back in the faces of so-called ???progressives.???