The Long War

Hassan-i Sabbah of Nizari Ismailis founded a cult that presented a major military challenge to Persian Seljuqs and Holy Land Christians in late 11th century.  These were the “Hashishin” (“users of hashish”); who assassinated political and religious enemies – mostly Muslims.  A member of the Hashishin stabbed Persia’s prominent wazir, Nizam al-Mulk, for funding Omar Khayyam.  The Hashishin were stridently against any form of ‘progress’, or anything or anyone different, with lethal zero tolerance.

In Middle Ages Europe, not a particularly saintly place, the Hashishin were known as a radical extremist cult.  The word “assassin” was linguistically derived from Hashishim and describes a professional killer.  Concurrently, blood libels accusing Jews of using Christian children’s blood in religious ceremonies were born in Norwich, England (1144) and then Gloucester (1164).  This filthy lie spread across Europe and is still promoted by many ignorant racists.  Hashishim killed persons.  Europeans are more efficient; they kill populations.

Some say the worst Middle East crime is support for the Arab-Muslim majority at the expense of its minorities.  What few realize is that these ‘minorities’ are, in fact, the majority people, just not the majority of the money, because the imperialists control the oil.  The EU insists all ‘others’ must assimilate into the dominant (domineering) race, which is blatantly racist.  They ‘think’ Assyrians vanished, have no idea who Circassians, Druze, Bahai, Yazidis or Ahmadis are, never heard of Arab Gypsies, think Zoroastrians are a circus.  Not really different from the blood libels, except now expanded beyond the Jewish canaries.  Erdogan’s threat to ethnically ‘re-cleanse’ Armenians (while doing the same to Kurds) doesn’t stir interest.

Throughout the Middle East and Africa, Arabization (a euphemism for Arab Imperialism and Colonization) is based upon repression of non-Arabs and destruction of cultures, through insistence on racial unity.  Europe’s regional agenda is the racist Arab agenda.  ‘Arabism’ inevitably led to repression of ‘others’; ethnic cleansing and genocide of the region’s native inhabitants by Arab Muslim conquerors.  The ‘left’ shouts racism when Americans empower Kurds, or when Israeli soldiers stand watch over tiny strips of land where the region’s oldest, most frequently oppressed minority shelters.  The hypocrisy is heightened when combined with the fact that Israel is the only place Christians are allowed to live – and, in fact, are finally recognised as Aramians, and not “Arabs”.

The Washington Post reported that Islamic State used chlorine gas on Iraqi security forces in Dhuluiya, 50 miles north of Baghdad; 11 Iraqi police officers were admitted to hospitals and diagnosed with chlorine gas poisoning.  According to Iraqi government sources, this was the third such attack in 2014.  Islamic State militants used chemical weapons against Shiites as well, causing 40 Shiite casualties.

EU’s worst Middle East crime is craven love for tyrannical grand empires built on race and religion; over the national and political rights of the indigenous majority.  According to misguided fools, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the cause of killing throughout former Iraq and Syria, the terrorist attacks in Canada, the shooting from Gaza, and your stubbed toe.  This is the senseless behaviour of racist hypocrites who think that if they call you “racist” first then they proved all arguments.  Of course, everyone knows that the leader of the assassins created his cult and perpetrated his crimes due to Jerusalem construction.  Whatever!  But Israelis are probably to blame!