Freedom Partners Action Fund launches $6.5 million ad campaign

Press Release:

Arlington, VA ??? Freedom Partners Action Fund, a free-market Super PAC, is announcing a $6.5 million ad campaign that will begin on Wednesday, October 22 and continue through Election Day. Airing in Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa and online in New Hampshire, the ads are designed to deliver a clear closing argument that a vote for the Democratic candidate is a vote for President Obama???s failed agenda.

The ads feature real voters holding Democratic candidates accountable for prioritizing partisanship ahead of their constituents. They???ve failed to stand up for America???s veterans when veterans needed them most. They sold Obamacare on broken promises, voted for it and still support it. They tried to cover up insurance cancellations, they insulted farmers, their families profited off their votes ??? and Americans paid the price. They didn???t show up to for work when it mattered, and when they did, they put President Obama ahead of their constituents.  Now they want six more years.

The ads conclude that despite all those reasons, what is most troubling is that each candidate is a rubber-stamp for President Obama and his failed agenda. A vote for the Democratic candidate in this election is a vote for President Obama and six more years of his failed policies.

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President Obama acknowledged last week that his policies were on the ballot, and in a recent radio interview said that all of the Democratic candidates support his agenda ??? regardless of what they say on the campaign trail to get elected.  The latest polling shows that President Obama???s approval is under-water in every state the ad will air.

Freedom Partners Spokesman James Davis issued the following statement:

???No amount of political spin from Democrats and their allies can distract voters from these candidates’ failure to do their jobs. Voters feel a country spinning out of control and see a government that is not acting responsibly. The reminders are everywhere: the struggle to find a good paying job, healthcare uncertainty because of broken promises, tax dollars taken from their paychecks only to be wasted, special treatment for politicians and a failure of government to care for veterans. Election day is Americans’ opportunity to stand up and say ‘enough.??? A vote for these candidates is a vote for the same failed policies of President Obama and the same dysfunctional Washington of the last six years.???

Freedom Partners Action Fund is a Super PAC that promotes candidates who support free markets and a free society, and opposes those who push the American Dream out of reach for the American people. For more information, visit