Ebola virus infects Omaha congressional race

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The deadly Ebola virus is now alive and well in the Omaha race for Congress.

Incumbent GOP Congressman Lee Terry is being criticized for his “repeated failures to stop the Ebola outbreak,” according to backers of Democrat Brad Ashford who are expected to take their complaints public later today.

Washington Democrats started this drumbeat last week, accusing Terry of cutting funding for the Centers for Disease Control, the federal government’s point man against epidemics.

Team Terry tells Nebraska Watchdog the Ebola charges are “desperate.”

Terry’s campaign manager, Kent Grisham, says the eight-term incumbent recently “voted to approve $88 million in American aid to help the Ebola crisis.” Grisham adds that during Terry’s debate with Ashford last month, Terry noted his support of President Obama’s efforts to combat Ebola.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee argues that in 2011 Terry voted to slash the CDC’s funding by 12 percent, $755 million.

According to Team Ashford, among those taking Terry to task today — a news conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. outside the Nebraska Medical Center — are “local first responders and medical personnel.”

Sticking to the Terry campaign theme that Ashford is soft on crime, Grisham says Ashford is “putting the people of Omaha at risk by releasing violent criminals from prison early.”

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