Daily news round-up

Dallas County commissioners will vote today on whether to declare a local state of emergency caused by Ebola.

Ted Cruz thinks Congress should reconvene to discuss an Ebola travel ban. According to a new poll, most Americans support a travel ban, and many say the government is hiding the truth on Ebola from voters. The CDC says we can’t impose a ban because it will hurt those countries’ economies.

A witness to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO said Brown did not have his hands up, as previously claimed.

Four college students in Oregon were threatened with arrest and disciplinary action for handing out free copies of the Constitution on campus, and for petitioning for less restrictive free speech rules.

Nearly a million people have already voted in the midterm elections, despite the fact that Election Day is still weeks away.

The CDC is denying a link between the deadly Entrovirus and illegal immigration, despite the fact that the disease is rare in the U.S. and common in Latin America.

Ann Romney says Mitt and the family have no plans at this time to run for president in 2016, but, “you never do say never.”

Turns out the Obama Administration in 2008 ignored several of the CDC’s suggestions that would “adequately safeguard the U.S. from health issues like Ebola.”

Obama is reportedly considering using executive action to send National Guard troops to Liberia to fight Ebola.

Thomas Duncan’s nephew wrote an op-ed for the New York Post claiming his uncle died because he was black.