Daily news round-up

As soon as news broke yesterday of the death of Thomas Duncan, the first victim diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield cried racism. Duncan’s family may be filing a wrongful death case, which Banfield is all for. “You cannot rule out the notion that he had no Social Security number when he went to the hospital, and had a strong, thick West African accent. And his partner even said he’s from Liberia,” she said. 

The fracking fight has come to Texas.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest admitted during yesterday’s press briefing that the White House deliberately delayed executive action on immigration reform because they reasoned that if Obama acted before the midterm elections, the GOP would make immigration a focal point of its campaigns, and would “cite their opposition to immigration reform as a reason to their success.” “That,” Earnest said, “is not a storyline that the president, or that anybody here, wanted to contribute to.???

A new survey reveals a majority of Americans want flights from Ebola-ridden countries to be banned.

The White House has resorted to using emojis to convince America’s youth of the benefits of Obama’s economic policy.

A new Rasmussem poll reports that most Americans think Obama no longer deserves his Nobel Peace Prize…not that he ever did.

Democrats running for the Senate this fall are distancing themselves far, far, far away from any association with Nancy Pelosi.

Snow cover in North America was the highest on record for the month of September.

Michelle Obama recently said, “Fashion plays an important role in my confidence. My ability to do my job is really linked to how I feel about what I???m wearing.” 


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