Allison Grimes and the Lying Game

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  • 08/21/2022

If North Carolina is one of the biggest sore spots in Republican hopes to take the Senate, Kentucky has become at least a bit of a headache.  It’s a closer race than the aspiring majority leader of the Senate wanted, as Sen. Mitch McConnell is only running about four points ahead of Democrat challenger Allison Grimes, and there are polls that actually show her slightly in the lead.  Even if the odds still favor McConnell winning, this isn’t a race national Republican strategists wanted to pour resources into.

Grimes is one of the most hilariously phony candidates in this election cycle – there’s no Democrat who does a less convincing job of pretending to be a maverick who barely even heard of this Obama guy, and doesn’t like what little she’s heard.  It doesn’t speak well of McConnell that he can’t close the deal against such a challenger in Kentucky.  Maybe it will help that a new undercover video from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas makes it clear just how phony Allison Grimes is.  Behind the scenes, her staffers and local Democrat Party big shots think it’s pretty funny that the rube voters of Kentucky are falling for her act:


Here you’ve got people working for the ostensibly pro-coal Democrat literally laughing at how she’ll do her best to team up with Obama and wipe the industry out if she can get elected.  They’re quite clear about how it’s necessary to lie about the issue to keep a campaign alive in the state, and they’re very comfortable with doing so.  One of them even refers to it as a “Lying Game,” which means I now have the theme song to “The Crying Game” stuck on endless loop in my head.  Thanks a lot, guys.

How does anyone in Kentucky, outside the hardest of the hardcore Democrats, watch this without their blood boiling so hot that their ears start whistling like tea kettles?  This is the distilled white-lightning moonshine brew of everything Americans hate about politics, right down to fatcat special-interest campaign contributors chuckling over the crazy fibs their bought-and-paid-for candidates have to tell in order to get elected.

O’Keefe and his crew long ago mastered the art of releasing their exposes in stages, with some of the best stuff bottled up for the later chapters, making it tough for the mainstream media to bury their stories.  Sure enough, there’s a Part 2, in which Project Veritas goes undercover at a Grimes fundraiser, in which one of her rich supporters chirps that if she can trick Kentucky voters into sending her to the Senate, she’ll wipe out the coal industry without delay: “She’s going to f**k them as soon as she gets elected.”  He makes a shushing gesture to emphasize the importance of Grimes supporters keeping quiet about this until the idiot voters have been successfully bamboozled.


There’s not much Grimes can do about this, except distance herself from her own campaign staff and supporters, just like she pretends to be the mortal enemy of President Obama.  As NewsBussters notes, this bombshell hit right as Grimes was pumping out a deceptive ad trying to make McConnell look like the enemy of coal in the race.