What is it about Carson that puts him atop the polls?

At the Value Voter???s Summit, Washington Sept. 26-28 with 1,900 attendees, Sen. E. Edward “Ted” Cruz (R.-Texas)  took first place in the presidential straw poll with 25 percent of the vote, but the big story of the night was that once again, Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr., showed up right behind him with a close second at 20 percent.

The fact that Cruz actually spoke at the event and Carson was unable to attend was telling.

In fact, Carson rose seven points from the poll the previous year and Cruz dropped 18 points.

What is it about Carson that voters thus far have found so appealing, that he consistently ranks at the top of the polls?

In this political season it could actually be more beneficial to not be a seasoned politician. In recent Rasmussen polls, only 6 percent of likely voters believe Congress is doing a good job, while President Barack Obama???s approval ratings continue to be low with only 46 percent of likely voters approving of his job performance. It appears people may be looking for a fresh face that hasn???t been tainted by the world of politics. Perhaps someone from the private sector that hasn???t been disengaged from the American people.

Another factor could be that Carson is not just an educated man, he also appears to have a vast amount of wisdom. It seems that the leftist liberals believe the solution to all of the world???s problems is simply more education.

They dump over $632 billion dollars per year into primary and secondary education. The system has produced intellectuals and businessmen such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and countless Ivy League graduates, yet America is worse off today than it was just twenty years ago. So, why is it the highest echelon of intellects in America have failed to bring concrete solutions to resolve the social and economic issues in our Country?

George Washington???s formal education ended as a young teenager when he went to work as a surveyor. This man who had barely an education managed to outsmart the British Army and become known as the Founding Father of our Country. Benjamin Franklin, another revered Father or our Country had no formal education after the age of ten, after he was self-taught. Both of these men, and countless more are studied as essential figures of Independence and the formation of this Nation, both with nothing more than elementary education.

So is it truly education we are missing today? Or is it something else? Something that people are finally catching onto, something that it appears Carson has an abundance of, wisdom. Real wisdom starts with honoring and fearing the Lord according to Carson in his book, One Nation.

America will not resolve its dire issues with nothing more than education. It wasn???t a mere education that raised Carson from poverty. In his book, he discusses and uses wisdom in not only dissecting the roots of many of the problems the world faces, but he uses that same wisdom to share his ideas on practical solutions to such things as healthcare, poverty, the economy, and the divide among the parties. Carson listens more than he speaks, something that is refreshing in a political era of soapboxes and endless pontificating. He is very thoughtful in his response to a situation just as would be expected from someone who was able to perform successfully first of its kind surgeries such as the separation of craniopagal twins.

Carson has also become popular because he is relatable. He grew up in the slums and did not have access to prestigious schools, influential people, and expensive homes with lots of amenities or vast amounts of money. His family was poor, dirt poor. Yet, he didn???t allow his situation to deter him from a successful future. He persevered by using wisdom, making sacrifices and working extra hard. He understands the plight of the poor, the single mother, and the issues minorities have faced and more important, he knows how to overcome them.

An overwhelming amount of people believe that with who he was and what he has become today, there is nobody more fit to navigate the murky social and economic messes that have arisen in America. If given the chance, many believe Carson will use the same wisdom, hard work and perseverance that he used to raise himself from being an impoverished minority in America to the former head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, to help heal and restore this Nation.