Daily news roundup

“Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned, in the wake of several presidential security failures,” Fox News reports.

The surge of extra border patrol agents sent to help temporarily in the Rio Grande Valley region are leaving, and they’re going to be missed.

The New York Times is planning to lay-off 100 members of its staff in order to “safeguard the newspaper???s long-term profitability.”

The government spent $2 million to encourage elderly people to join community choirs.

Amazon had added a disclaimer to its instant watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, warning viewers that some scenes are racist and depict prejudices of the era in which they were produced.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing authorities to confiscate guns if people around the gun-owner feel in danger.

A new poll reveals that voters overwhelmingly support denying illegal children access to public school and legal rights.

Rick Perry revealed in a news conference that children were in contact with the man confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus in Dallas, and that as many as 18 Americans could be infected.