Dissent for Obama’s Middle East Policies Grows as Presidential Campaign Looms

The approaching 2016 presidential election appears to be spurring former members of President Barack Obama’s cabinet to go public with their opposition to his Middle Eastern policies that allowed terrorist organizations to gain control of large sections of Iraq and Syria.

Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s emergence as the latest former Obama cabinet member to disclose that he recommended arming moderate Syrian rebels only to be rebuffed by the president shows the dissent for the president’s policies extends well beyond Republicans. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a key Democrat considering a presidential run in 2016, also advocated arming moderate Syrian rebels prior to her resignation as an Obama cabinet member.

Those admissions by two prominent Democrats show that President Obama orchestrated a Middle Eastern Policy that proved to be instrumental in creating a wide territory in Iraq and Syria where terrorists could train and build an arsenal of weaponry to use against their enemies. The same terrorists recently began brazenly beheading western civilians who they captured.

In the wake of such barbaric terrorist acts, President Obama took action on Sept. 22 when he began a bombing campaign along with a coalition that included Arab states to weaken terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria. The bombings not only focused on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) but also targeted the Khorasan Group, a terrorist organization based in Iraq that allegedly was planning imminent attacks against westerners.

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