Get Ready for the Big Krugman-Moore Debate!

“What I love most about FreedomFest are the debates!”

— John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market)

Many of my free-market friends have attacked Paul Krugman, the inflammatory New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner, for deliberately distorting the facts about the economic recovery, austerity programs in Europe, the federal deficit, taxes, school choice, etc. Krugman has been especially critical of the ???Austrians??? for predicting double-digit inflation and another recession.

In response, Steve Moore, Peter Schiff and Robert Murphy, among others, have challenged Krugman to a formal debate. But Krugman has adamantly refused???

Until now!

I have just confirmed the Dream Debate of the Century at my big show FreedomFest. On July 9, 2015, in the Celebrity Ballroom in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paul Krugman has agreed to debate the Heritage Foundation???s chief economist Steve Moore on ???How Best to Restore the American Dream.???

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