Need-to-know news of the day

Need-to-know, newsy tidbits from around the web:

– Ted Cruz tried to introduce legislation that would immediately strip any American defecting to fight with ISIS or other terrorist groups against America of their citizenship, but Democrats are blocking the bill.

– Scott Walker is battling hard to keep his job as governor in Wisconsin. Recent polling has the Republican tied at 46 percent with Democratic challenger, Mary Burke.

– Marriage rates are at a 93-year low.

– The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request to hear a case of four students from California who were “sent home from school for wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo” and said the case is closed.

– The phrase “so help me God” is now optional in the oath taken by those enlisting or being recruited as officers in the Air Force. The policy comes after an atheist airman complained.

– Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been forced to backtrack on his promise to name a new high school in his city “Obama College Prep” after people protested.

– The House Oversight Committee reports that as of August 15, 700,000 participants had already dropped their Obamacare coverage.

– The Scots are in the process of voting on independence from Great Britain. Polling holds a slight edge for “no” voters over those saying “yes” to breaking the 307-year union.

– Reports show that Obama has attended one fundraiser every five days this year.

– Apple says it can’t and won’t ever unlock new devices, even for police seeking to retrieve private data from customers’ iProducts.

– Jihadists are reportedly operating in Juarez, Mexico, across the U.S. border.