American Commitment to slow fed takeover of internet

From American Commitment:

American Commitment Mobilizes Millions to Answer Dishonest ???Slowdown??? Ploy and Stop a Federal Takeover of the Internet

Washington, D.C.???American Commitment, a national advocacy organization, has launched a massive effort to combat the dishonest ???slowdown??? campaign that liberal activists have announced to demand the FCC ???reclassify??? the Internet as a ???public utility??? subject to pervasive regulatory control.

American Commitment has already reached over two million people via social media this week and is today asking each of its 200,000 citizen-activists to send at least five people to its petition site in a massive effort to send hundreds of thousands of citizen comments to the FCC to STOP proposals to regulate the Internet the current comment period closes on September 15.

???A federal takeover of the Internet would be disastrous for free speech, commerce, and the future of the Internet as a sphere of innovation,??? said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment.  ???The American people oppose Washington???s effort to put unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in control of the internet???which will create higher prices, less competition, and less freedom.???

American Commitment is leading a major petition drive urging FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to keep the internet free, and finally recognize that Americans oppose the crippling Internet regulations now under consideration.  Congress and the Courts have said ???No??? to previous, less onerous versions of these regulations, and now the FCC should respect the will of the American people rather than escalate to reclassification, a move called the ???nuclear option??? by industry analysts because it would obliterate private investment.

The so-called ???slowdown??? effort involves major websites that intend to lie to their users by asserting that in the absence of sweeping new federal regulations, the Internet will function more slowly.  Nearly two decades of experience with the free-market, unregulated Internet prove precisely the opposite.

The leader of the ???slowdown,??? Free Press President Craig Aaron, said the ???Internet slowdown will show millions more people what a world without real Net Neutrality would look like,??? and he goes on to define ???real Net Neutrality??? as the radical proposal to reduce the Internet to a ???public utility,??? saying: ???being on Team Internet means you support reclassifying broadband under Title II.???

This confirms an earlier confession from Free Press Founder, Board Member, and former Chairman Robert McChesney, who explained: ???At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.???

???If we allow the federal government to turn the Internet into a ???public utility??? and ultimately ???divest capitalists from control??? it would spell disaster,??? said Phil Kerpen.  ???Hundreds of billions of dollars of private investment will evaporate, forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab just to keep the Internet functioning.  Ultimately, a ???public utility??? Internet will be as un-innovative as a water or sewer utility, and even more expensive for taxpayers.  Why would we destroy one of the greatest engines of innovation the modern world has ever witnessed?  It???s time for Americans to stand up to Washington???s attempt to seize control of the Internet, and we???re proud to lead the charge.???

Americans can sign the petition at to send public comments to the FCC before the September 15th deadline.

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