America's greatest national security threat- Barack Obama

It???s not news to those of us on the right that President Obama???s lack of leadership on the world stage has had deadly consequences for allies and others around the world.

But now even the left and its ???mainstream??? press outlets have begun to turn on the president.

Consider these recent headlines from the editorial page of the Washington Post:

March 2: “President Obama’s foreign policy based on fantasy”

April-28-14: “Bankrupt on Syria”:

July 15-14: “President Obama hobnobs with donors as Russia escalates its war of aggression”,

May 24: “Syria???s hell on earth” (the administration would rather blame others than acknowledge its own complicity)

May 29: Tying America’s hands (At West Point, President Obama rejects decades of U.S. foreign policy)

How did this happen? When it comes to President Obama???s foreign policy, there truly is no other conclusion: The world is in an uproar because those inclined toward evil deeds have taken Obama???s measure and concluded America does not have a serious leader at this time.

We are the proverbial rudderless ship, leaderless and adrift. Aggressors realize this won???t last, and they are acting quickly.

Our southern border is so open, inviting and unprotected that not just people but sophisticated weapons ??? including some capable of destroying entire cities ??? could cross undetected. Any reasonably accomplished high school student could grasp the risk ??? but not our president.

Then there???s Iraq. Regardless where one stands on whether the U.S. should have invaded in the first place, the Bush administration had left a manageable situation ??? relative peace, a civilian-led government, institutions and means of production up and running.

In his haste to fashion himself the anti-Bush, President Obama not only pulled our troops before the fragile government was ready to stand on its own, he did so without negotiating a status-of-forces agreement that would have allowed the U.S. to leave behind a small stabilizing force. He can???t now; he should???ve then.

As a result, today, the radical, murderous Islamic Front controls an area the size of Indiana along the Syria-Iraq border ??? as well as billions in captured U.S. military assets and hundreds of militants with U.S. and European assets allowing direct entry into the United States. It has massacred thousands, beheaded hundreds, including children, kidnapped women for use as sex slaves and gone out of its way to shock the world with its atrocities. Now, to restore Iraq and the hard-fought gains we had won there, we will have to retake those 35,000 square miles.

Afghanistan is in danger of suffering the same fate for many of the same reasons.

But this is nothing new to President Obama???s performance on the world stage. He has offered sticks in the eye of our allies and tried to placate our enemies ??? with the result being the allies no longer are as willing to help and the enemies are emboldened.

No sooner did he take office than he turned his back, without warning, on Poland and The Czech Republic and abrogated the tediously negotiated missile defense treaty each nation had signed at significant risk to themselves.

Then came the Orange Revolution in North Africa and the Green Revolution in Iran ??? both opportunities to grow liberty and realize the potential of the American promise. And both squandered by a president who didn???t want to speak out or lend assistance.

The Iranians knew what this meant ??? that this president couldn???t handle the job ??? and have taken advantage by pushing to produce a nuclear weapon, an outcome neither the United States nor our allies in Israel can accept.

Then, early in 2011, peaceful Syrian protests morphed into a rebellion. Instead of encouraging positive outcomes, the president drew red lines that had no meaning, denied arms to potential allies and failed to mount any response. Assad stepped up the pressure and is consolidating his gains in the parts of his country not controlled by the Islamic Front now.

Today, Putin and Assad name the tune, up to 150,000 Syrians are dead, 6.5 million have been uprooted and 2.7 million have left the country.

As for Russia, we started with talk from President Obama of a reset. Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by sheltering Edwin Snowden, seizing the Crimea, threatening Ukraine and shooting down a commercial airliner. Our response? An offer of MREs ??? meals ready to eat ??? for the Ukranian military.

The list goes on, but the point is made: We???ve opened ourselves up to attacks on the scale of 9/11 or even greater. Under this president our national security is gravely threatened.

Edward Dent, an investments and management expert, served in both of President Reagan???s White House campaigns and with the group that developed the Strategic Defense Initiative. He is an expert on defense and judicial issues.