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Libs predict a ‘nail biter’ this fall

The liberal-minded Huffington Post is not surprisingly not hopping on the bandwagon the Washington Post and other media outlets have created that predicts with fair certainty a Republican takeover of the senate this fall. According to HuffPo, though:

WASHINGTON — The race for control of the U.S. Senate remains very much in doubt, coming down to a coin flip based on current voter preferences as measured by the latest public polls.

According to a new election forecasting model compiled by HuffPost Pollster and launched on Tuesday, Republicans have a 48 percent chance of taking control of the Senate. The outcome hinges on a handful of races where the poll-tracking model shows the Democratic and Republican candidates separated by less than 2 percentage points: ArkansasColoradoIowaLouisiana and North Carolina. In hotly contested races in four more states — AlaskaGeorgiaKentucky andMichigan — the leaders enjoy slightly greater margins, but either candidate still has a real chance of winning.

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