Your super-government at work: 6000 foreign students vanish into thin air

Since President Obama is dead-set on weakening national security even further by throwing out more amnesty prizes to illegal aliens, maybe he should make the case that his zillion-dollar super-government is too damn stupid to keep track of visa holders anyway, so we might as well just have open borders.  ABC News brings us the latest triumph of bureaucracy from our good friends at the Department of Homeland Security:

The Department of Homeland Security has lost track of more than 6,000 foreign nationals who entered the United States on student visas, overstayed their welcome, and essentially vanished — exploiting a security gap that was supposed to be fixed after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

My greatest concern is that they could be doing anything,” said Peter Edge, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official who oversees investigations into visa violators. “Some of them could be here to do us harm.”

Is this a joke?  Please, someone, tell me this is a joke.  If so, it’s not a joke the Super-Government told voluntarily.  Apparently they weren’t going to tell us about the missing visa holders until ABC News dug into the story and obliged them to fess up:

Homeland Security officials disclosed the breadth of the student visa problem in response to ABC News questions submitted as part of an investigation into persistent complaints about the nation???s entry program for students.

ABC News found that immigration officials have struggled to keep track of the rapidly increasing numbers of foreign students coming to the U.S. — now in excess of one million each year. The immigration agency???s own figures show that 58,000 students overstayed their visas in the past year. Of those, 6,000 were referred to agents for follow-up because they were determined to be of heightened concern.

???They just disappear,??? said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. ???They get the visas and they disappear.???

Coburn said since the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, 26 student visa holders have been arrested in the U.S. on terror-related charges.

I’m sure the rest of them are lovable “dreamers” who broke our immigration laws in an “act of love,” and can’t wait to become taxpayers.

So, how long has Super-Government been aware of this problem?  Oh, just since the 9/11 Commission noted that one of the World Trade Center monsters skipped out on a student visa.  Be patient, America.  Your billionaire bureaucracies have only had a dozen years or so to work on fixing this.  That’s barely enough time to hold planning sessions for the meetings that will select the committees that will write the guidelines for the blue-ribbon panels that will conduct an extensive series of studies on the situation.  Spoiler: they’ll conclude the problem is insufficient funding.

Edge said ICE agents are trying to locate every one of the 6,000 missing students, but acknowledged that ???we really have a lot more work to do??? to tighten up the student visa program.

Despite repeated concerns raised by Congress, federal immigration officials have also continued to grant schools certification to accept overseas applicants even if the schools lack accreditation, state certification, or any obvious measure of academic rigor.

There are now more than 9,000 schools on the government approved list. The list includes such top flight American colleges as Harvard and Yale, but it also includes 86 beauty schools, 36 massage schools and nine schools that teach horseshoeing. Foreign students can enter the U.S. on a visa to study acupuncture, hair braiding, or join academies that focus on tennis and golf.

Once the student arrives in the U.S., it is up to the schools to keep track of the visa-holder???s whereabouts — and report to the government if they repeatedly miss class.

That is a serious concern, Coburn said, because a number of for-profit schools appear to have been operating with a primary goal of selling visas, not educating students.

???We know we have a lot of non-accredited universities that are using this system to bring people in, collect money, and not educate them at all,??? said Coburn, who is part of a bi-partisan group of senators that has been trying to tighten controls on student visas. ???To me, it???s a mess.???

So… stop me if this sounds like I’m jumping to conclusions… but maybe before the gang at ICE and Homeland Security does anything else, they should stop giving visa certifications to unqualified schools.  What, exactly, do the bureaucrats in charge of handing out such certifications do to while away the hours, during those long days of not making sure schools measure up to rigorous standards?  Play Candy Crush?  Watch pornographic videos on their taxpayer-owned computers?  It’s not as if these determinations are devilishly difficult to make.  ABC describes one school, MicroPower Career Institute, that has four campuses on the approved list… and five executives under indictment for visa fraud.

Another important step, which ICE is apparently preparing to take, would involve not allowing foreign nationals with suspect visa status to re-enter the country.  Apparently that actually happens now.  In fact, the State Department’s still a bit fuzzy about whether the passports of people who leave the country to join ISIS will be invalidated.  They’re still taking that on a “case-by-case” basis.

Between disappearing visa holders, ISIS fighters with valid passports, and the Administration’s dereliction of duty on the southern border, national security is a joke right now.  We’re just crossing our fingers and hoping the terror state doesn’t want to pull off a job on American soil, or if they do, that our counter-terrorism forces will catch them before anything detonates.