Polling shows GOP gaining momentum

The Republican Party has been consistently touted as the likely victor in the race to control the senate this fall. Forecasts have had the GOP’s chance at winning the six seats necessary to do so at as much as 86 percent earlier this year. Currently, the Washington Post gives Republicans a 63 percent chance.

Recently, however, recent data has been showing Republican candidates surging ahead in the polls. From Fox News:

The election is still 10 weeks from Tuesday, and Democrats who once felt the party would retain their majority are now worried the GOP’s momentum could cost them even more than the six seats necessary for Republicans to retake control.

“We all thought four were in the bag [for Republicans],” Democratic campaign strategist Joe Trippi said. “But right now, it’s looking like the bottom end of that scale isn’t four anymore, it’s five or six. And that means the entire Senate majority is on the bubble.”

In several races, Republicans are pulling away from their Democratic rivals.

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