My Three Red-Hot MoneyShow ETFs

This week certainly got started in unusual fashion for me, as I was nearly thrown out of bed on Sunday by the force of a 6.0 earthquake that rocked the Napa Valley. I was staying in that beautiful part of the country for the annual San Francisco MoneyShow, and this year Mother Nature made it quite memorable.

Being part of yet another earthquake (I’ve been through many in my life, living in Southern California) reminded me that you need to be prepared for natural disasters. Of course, you also have to be prepared for financial disasters, too, and knowing what’s happening in the markets right now is the first step to preparedness.

Now, since our last Weekly ETF Report, there hasn’t been much of a sense of disaster in the markets. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite, which actually is a worry in itself. Stocks powered higher, with U.S. stocks leading the global markets to new highs. The S&P 500 now trades at the psychologically significant 2,000 level, a clear indication that the fear factor in stocks just isn’t anywhere to be found.

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