M. Stanton Evans to be honored by Heartland Institute

Conservative legend and frequent Human Events contributor, M. Stanton Evans, will be honored at the Heartland Institute’s anniversary dinner next week.

From Heartland:

CHICAGO – He worked 13 years with American conservative icon William F. Buckley, wrote the culture-changing Young Americans for Freedom’s founding charter, was at the age of 26 America’s youngest metropolitan daily newspaper editor and has authored thus far eight books.  M. Stanton Evans, who just turned 80 years old, has lived and led among conservative contemporaries for decades.September 12, 2014, he will be honored at the Heartland Institute’s 30th Anniversary Banquet at The Cotillion in Palatine.

In a day when fiscal conservatives and classic libertarians do their best to shrug away social and religious conservatives, Evans warned against such alienation years ago. He argued that freedom and virtue are not antagonistic, but complementary:

The idea that there is some sort of huge conflict between religious values and liberty is a misstatement of the whole problem. The two are inseparable…. [I]f there are no moral axioms, why should there be any freedom?

The con­servative believes that ours is a God-centered, and therefore an ordered, uni­verse; that man???s purpose is to shape his life to the patterns of order proceeding from the Divine center of life; and that, in seeking this objective, man is hampered by a fallible intellect and vagrant will. Properly construed, this view is not only compatible with a due regard for human freedom, but demands it.

And Evans’ journalistic philosophy is one that conservative new media should pay special attention to:

I don’t think that the way to correct a spin from the left is to try to impart a spin from the right…. [A]n information flow distorted from the right would be just as much a disservice as distortion from the left. What we really should be after… is accurate information. And I don’t see what any conservative or anybody else for that matter has to fear from accurate information.

Evans will be joined by conservative columnist Michelle Malkin at the Heartland Dinner, which will be emceed by former Congressman Joe Walsh.