10 things you didn't know about the Heartland Institute

CHICAGO – When it comes to free market solution to social and economic problems, Chicago’s Heartland Institute’s research and information is the first place many researchers and lawmakers look. Heartland Institute been at the forefront of developing and promoting free market policy since 1984, and on Thursday, September 12, 2014, they will be celebrating its 30th anniversary at Palatine’s upscale “The Cotillion” banquet hall.

The special guest for the evening will be conservative columnist Michelle Malkin.

30 is the number of years since Heartland Institute started in Chicago. Here’s 10 other numbers you probably didn’t know about Heartland – unless you work for them or have been paying unusually focused attention:

235: The approximate number of academics and professional economists that participate in Heartland Institute’s peer-review process.
160: The number of elected officials that serve on Heartland Institute’s Legislative Forum.
755: The number of times Heartland appeared in print and on television or radio in 2013.
2,400,000: The number of page views Heartland’s 16 websites generated in 2013.
234: The number of podcasts Heartland Institute placed on iTunes in 2013, which were downloaded or listened to a total of 737,386 times.
1,200,000: The number of contacts Heartland Institute’s government relations staff made with elected officials in 2013
77: The percentage of Republican state legislators that read one or more Heartland newspapers “sometimes” or “always.”
72: The percentage of Democrat state legislators who read one or more Heartland newspapers “sometimes” or “always”
1: The number of persons who have been employed by Heartland Institute since it was founded in 1984, and remains President and CEO today – Heartland Institute’s Joe Bast.