The real Forever War, Part 8

Those brave fighters from Hamas have a major problem with Israeli Kindergartens.

The Gaza Strip has a 68 kilometre border with Israel, as well as a 14 kilometre border with Egypt.  On the Egyptian border, Egypt has destroyed some 1,600 tunnels ??? but these were almost all designed for smuggling.  That???s a density of 114 tunnels per every kilometre of that border.  Busy little buggers!


As we now know, Hamas spent tens of million of dollars, many years, and hundreds of their own children???s lives (as well as adult slaves) to build tens of attack tunnels and hundreds (or thousands) of other kinds for support and bunkers.  Many of these attack tunnels were specifically designed to take down those irritating Israeli institutions ??? the kindergartens in the towns and villages around the Gaza Strip.

Those tunnels were packed with explosives for blowing up the kindergartens; as well as hundreds of kilo of hashish so that the brave fighters could face those pesky kindergartens ???calmly and bravely???.

How does one denote the extent of a tunnel when an entry or egress shaft is discovered?  The simplest method is to in pour smoke ??? which is also nice for the rats hiding inside.  Of course, if other ends of the tunnel are far away, or if the tunnel is part of a complex warren, that may not always be effective.  It is a good way to begin.  It then takes many tons of explosives to destroy the tunnel.


This writer has been asked many times why the issue of tunnels dug in sand was so hard to find, identify and destroy.  (Digging in rock makes more noise.)  Israel has now completed initial testing, after many years of development, a technological system to counter anti-kindergarten attack tunnels.  Deployment along our border is scheduled to begin very soon (at a cost of about a million dollars per kilometre).

Over the past several years, Israel has tested some 700 different anti-tunnel systems and schemes.  The system to be deployed will consists of an amalgamation of several technologies, some purely physical infrastructural and some early warning sensors; and much in between.

Another technology in process of deployment is unmanned armoured vehicles.  In this case, Unmanned Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) are being used to move supplies into position, from a remote location, without endangering lives.


Of course, Israel knows that UNRWA and the UN Human Rights Council will protest at the unfairness of Israel deploying technologies that save Israeli lives.  As they have in the past.  But Israel is adamant that saving lives is more important ??? even than exploded kindergartens.

So now, after this round of the Jihad War, one of the Lessons Learned, and already being put into place, is a set of solutions to the threat of attack tunnels.  We solved the issue of tactical rockets.  Now we are solving the issue of attack tunnels.

We here in Israel are kind of strange ??? we actually like our kindergarten denizens and protect them.

Next challenge please, but can it be done a bit less noisy please!

The green flag of the Muslim Brotherhood (and withal, Hamas) contains the same guiding message as the black flag of Islamic State.  These flags champion the “shahada,” the Islamic creed which states, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his Prophet.”  There are no significant differences between the various Islamist terror organizations.  They are all one army, with different divisions ??? just as the US army has divisions (e.g., 101st Airborne)!

Some (perhaps most) people now know of the Turkish genocide of Armenians during the 1914-1923 period.  Few know that this was not the ???only??? genocide that the Turks did at the time.  Their rapaciousness is legion.  Anatolian Greeks were victims of a broad ???Turkish genocide project which was aimed at all Ottoman Empire Christian minorities.  As many as 1.5 million Greeks died.  More than 3.5 million Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians were killed under the successive regimes of the Young Turks and of Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] from roughly 1914 to 1923.  The end of the genocide marked a ???profound rupture in the long Greek historical presence on the Asia Minor.

Perhaps, with this background, Turkey???s support for Islamic State begins to have context.

Perhaps, with this background, the connection between Israeli kindergartens and the Shahada begins to have context.

Afraid yet America?  You better start to think about fear.  IS, Hamas, Boko Haram, Hezbollah have about the same number of divisions as does the US Army now.  They know it.  So should you.