The real Forever War, Part 7

Islamic reality not a ???reality show???

During the Iran-Iraq War, Ayatollah Khomeini brought forth a brilliant combat tactic.  He took tens of thousands of children, gave them plastic ???keys to heaven??? to hang around their necks and sent them to clear the minefields so that their elder brothers could attack the rapacious Arabs from Iraq.  More than ten thousand children died.  Hmm; under the Shah the female fertility was averaging about 7 births per woman.  Today it averages about 1.5-1.6 births per Iranian woman.  Think women have a ???problem??? with keys to heaven?

Hamas killed some 160 children in constructing the attack tunnels and now kill ???executed??? most of the remaining slaves who dug them ??? they worked for 12-hour shifts for $150 per month.[1]

Islamic State has buried hundreds of children alive in the scrubbed remains of what was called Iraq.[2]  The US administration still insists that the country of Iraq exists.  The rest of the world has begun to wake up.  Kurdistan is refused weapons to protect itself from IS because nobody in Washington has figured out how to update a map.

Boko Haram kidnapped 300 girls (children) for sex slaves.

???the list goes on???

These are NOT ???terrorist organisations???.  This is a Jihad army; a Hydra with many heads.  The West is loosing the war because it refuses to acknowledge that it IS war; a fight to the death.  [See the notice on the right from ???Foreign Press Association??? who has finally admitted that they report false data and invented news from Gaza.]  What ???traditional news media??? do you believe now?[3]  Even the traditionally blatantly antisemitic BBC and Guardian admit that all data is falsified, particularly that reported by the UN.

European Islamization

In Europe, particularly European capitals, proportion of Muslims rapidly approaches critical mass.  Expect Muslim majorities in London, Brussels and Paris by the end of this decade.  Leaders openly flaunt European demographic conquest and Sharia imposition as their objective.  A Berlin imam recently said, “Destroy the Zionist Jews. … Count them and kill them to the very last one”.  Once again, as seventy years ago, Europeans hide and think they can say they didn???t know.  They lied then, and are doing so again.  It killed tens of millions of Europeans that time.  This time, it is killing Europe.

Operation Protective Edge has released European antisemitism; not a ???genie??? in a bottle, but a curse in the heart with the sharpness of a dagger.  The heart of Europe is bleeding to death.  Blatantly racist remarks are legitimate, even from so-called ???aristocracy???.  It is fashionable (again) to call for sending all Jews to the ovens[4].  The latest antisemitism wave is led by Muslims, but Europe shows zero barbarism resistance.  We have been there before.  This time, we are neither weak nor complacent.  But the best Mrs. Clinton can come up with is that this is ???unfair???.

Senator Lindsey Graham says ISIS ???could reach US shores??? and even Dianne Feinstein agrees!  They are wrong.[5]  The Islamic State is there.  America built a beautiful ship from World Trade Center steel remains with the motto, ???Never Forget??? ??? but America already forgot.  Al Qaeda, Hamas & etc are all parts of the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Antisemitism in Europe is at its worse since the Nazis and even BBC and Guardian acknowledge the fact.[6]  The stench begins in Brussels but extends over nearly the entire continent (with the exception of Czech, Serbia and maybe a few other tiny bastions of sanity).  Synagogues are firebombed and signs held high, ???Jews to the Gas Chambers??? and suddenly the police are worthless.  The barbarian hordes are well within the gates.

The United Nations is not a passive observer of all this, but an active participant.[7]

Meanwhile, Hamas keeps the uneaten body part of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, ostensibly for ransom.[8]  The United Nations, UNRWA, The EU, the UK, the US don???t any of them see this as an issue.  Even Jen Psaki[9] is not ???appalled??? by barbarism ??? unless an excuse can be found to blame Israel.

Yet, with all the lies and falsifications, the IDF remains true to its long-held tradition of Ethical conduct, even when it costs soldiers??? lives.[10]  And this is once again, well documented by independent, outside observers. [11]  In a sea of barbarism, Israel remains civilised.  In a sea of hatred, Israel remains an isle of compassion (throughout the war, over 150 trucks of food, medicines and other supplies enter Gaza EVERY DAY).  In a sea of angst, Israeli streets are still the safest of any western country, day or night.

Sherman said, ???War is Hell???.  But like any Hell, humans get to choose to make it so or strive for good.

[Editor’s note: the photo at the top of this post comes from a July protest in support of Palestinians in Gaza.  The protest was held in… Paris, France.]



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