Building Your Portfolio with Brazil???s Infrastructure

As the fifth-largest country in the world in terms of both square mileage and population, Brazil places great importance on its infrastructure. When the country hosted this year???s World Cup soccer tournament, visitors poured into Brazil from across the globe to 12 stadiums spread across the host nation, testing the limits of this infrastructure. And Brazil is not done with hosting the influx of visitors that an international sporting event can bring; the country will be the site of the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. If you believe Brazilian infrastructure is a sector with potential, you can take a look at EGShares Brazil Infrastructure (BRXX).

This non-diversified fund tracks the results of an index representing the performance of the 30 largest Brazilian companies that compose Brazil???s infrastructure industries. BRXX is down 3.58% for the year, though it has bounced back from an early-2014 decline and March lows. It offers a dividend yield of 3.33%.

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